Chris Peace


Letter from Speaker Howell to Governor McAuliffe regarding the status of the General Assembly

I am writing to inform you that the Virginia General Assembly remains in session pursuant to your July 16, 2015 call for a special session, House Joint Resolution 5001 and Article IV, Section 6 of the Constitution of Virginia. More »

Republicans escalate fight with McAuliffe over Supreme Court judge

Senate Democrats unconstitutionally attempted to adjourn the 2015 Special Session Monday at the direction of Governor McAuliffe, defying a federal court ruling and ending any opportunity of a legislative remedy on redistricting. However, as Speaker Howell and Senator Norment stated Tuesday, the General Assembly remains in session, leaving the Governor without the power to make interim judicial appointments and calling into question any legal rulings made subsequent to that appointment. More »

House Republicans to introduce oversight legislation in response to latest EPA Regulations from Obama administration

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates will announce oversight legislation in response to the latest EPA regulations at a pro-energy rally in Richmond Monday night. Delegate Israel O’Quinn (R-Washington) will introduce legislation ahead of the 2016 session to require General Assembly approval and oversight of the Commonwealth’s plan to comply with the E.P.A.’s “Clean Power Plan” regulations. More »